Cork City

Steeped in history, Cork City is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s hippest cities. Like Venice, the city is built upon water, and the city centre is built on an island in the River Lee, just upstream of Cork Harbour.

The two channels of the River Lee which embrace the city centre are spanned by many bridges, and this gives the city a distinctive continental air.

Exploring Cork is an enjoyable, multi-day pursuit. Ring the Shandon Bells in the 300 year-old tower of St. Anne’s Cathedral, and marvel at the French Gothic spires of St. Finbarre’s Cathedral.


You will discover unique shopping and dining options, including the English Market with its stalls selling foods from all over the world; Coal Quay crammed with fascinating shops, restaurants and cafes; and numerous pedestrian walkways and side sidewalks flanked by smart boutiques and major department stores.

Art and History

At every corner you’ll come across another panoramic view, another interesting architectural feature and some of the best art galleries, theatres and museums in Ireland.

Blarney Castle

No visit would be complete without a trip to Blarney Castle, home to the famous Blarney Stone. Tradition says that those who kiss the stone will receive the gift of eloquence.

If cultural overload sets in, there are numerous picturesque fishing villages within easy reach that offer a welcome break to the bustle of the city.

Fishing and Sport

Think fishing on the Rivers Lee and Blackwater, sailing in one of the picturesque harbours of have a drop of real Irish brew – there are plenty of breweries and a distillery to choose from.

If Irish sports are your interest, then visit the local GAA grounds to enjoy Gaelic hurling and football. Or spend an exciting night watching greyhound racing at Curraheen Park – a unique experience.

Whether strolling down historical streets, shopping, exploring the surrounding countryside, or simply basking in the City’s hospitality, Cork City is an experience always to be remembered and cherished.

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